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School Tours Through the Years

Down the years Coola School has been to the forefront in providing as broad-based an education as possible for its students. Towards this end its students have partaken in many educational trips, both inside Ireland and overseas. In the early days, trips tended to be confined to day trips to places of historical or geographical interest. In their time the students of Coola have been to visit practically all of the major sites in Ireland but typical of the schools adventurous spirit, overnight and weekend trips became the norm, to be followed shortly by overseas trips. The overseas trips were always a highlight and were eagerly looked forward to.

Some of the earliest tours took place in England in places such as Stratford-on-Avon, London and, on one occasion, to Folkestone. The visit to Folkestone was of great interest, particularly to the construction students who were there to witness the plans and work in progress on the Channel Tunnel.

Trips to Continental Europe then became a feature of the school year and one of the highlights must have certainly been the visit to Rome in 1996, which included an audience with the Pope. Another very memorable trip was in 1997 to the European Parliament.

The president of the European Parliament had invited schools from all over the EU to participate in a session of the Parliament while the regular MEPs were on leave. Coola represented Ireland in a series of parliamentary activities such as debates, committees, plenary sessions and voting on issues common to young people from every country in the EU.
Students were very impressed by the technology employed in the parliament, particularly the instantaneous translation facility through earphones to any of the official European languages required.
Of course Coola group took the scenic route home and visited Paris and Euro Disney on the way. They arrived home totally impressed by everything about Europe from the Metro in Paris to the workings of the EU Parliament, their travels having broadened their horizons beyond belief.

During the past three years, students have participated in educational trips to outdoor educational centres such as Delphi in Mayo and Petersburg in Galway. These four day adventure-filled trips have proved enormously popular with students and will, hopefully, lead to a more active lifestyle in the years ahead for the participants.

Probably one of the most ambitious trips of all undertaken by the school was in September 2002 when we participated in a school exchange with the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.
The trip was undertaken in conjunction with Ballintogher Primary School and involved students from both schools going to school for a week in Castle bay in the Isle of Barra while the students from Barra attended Coola and Ballintogher at the same time.
What made the trip unique was the thought that the Isle of Barra is so isolated. In order to get there, we had to rent our own 34 seat plane to fly us from City of Derry Airport to a military airport, used mainly by NATO forces on the isle of Benbecula.
From there we had to organise coaches and a ferry to get us to Barra but the welcome we got there was worth it all.
On the trip we noticed the differences and similarities of the Scottish and Irish Gaelic languages. We participated in a joint project and we showed our experiences in song and dance. Even three years later some of the students involved talk of the marvellous final concert put on jointly in Castlebay by all the students involved They showed experiences in Ireland mirrored those in Scotland were no less memorable or spectacular.

Over the years, Coola has done its bit to take education out of the classroom, make it more enjoyable and create lasting effects.

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