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School Self Evaluation

Coola Post Primary School: Approach to Literacy
Coola Post Primary has implemented a whole school approach to literacy since 2012 which is in keeping with the Literacy and Numeracy Strategy 2011 developed by the Department of Education and Skills.
Our literacy policy aims to address literacy skills through a range of texts in all subjects. The literacy levels of First Year students are assessed each September to determine their literacy needs and targets are set appropriately. Through the implementation of various literacy strategies such as keywords and D.E.A.R., students are encouraged to develop their own literacy skills.
In keeping with the School Self Evaluation Policy 2012 issued by the Department of Education and Skills, our literacy policy commits teachers and learners to set realistic literacy goals and to monitor and evaluation progress on an ongoing basis.
For further details of our literacy policy and to view the results of our literacy targets in 2013-2014 please click on the link below.

Coola Post Primary School – School Improvement Plan REVIEW 2013-2014

Coola Post Primary – School Improvement Plan REVIEW May 2013