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an environment of fairness and mutual respect

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Parents Association

Perception of school:

Members of the Parents Association and indeed all members of the wider school community support the implementation of the school’s mission statement. We believe that it accurately reflects the ethos of the school, a school where students feel a sense of belonging, where teachers are seen as friends and where all stakeholders feel a sense of pride in their school. It could be described as a happy school where the needs of all students are being met. A great sense of partnership exists throughout the school and a genuine care is demonstrated by management and staff for the students. We as members of the parents’ association are appreciative of the broad education afforded to our children and of the quality of care and support afforded to them during their time in the school.



The first Parents Association was formed in 1990 and over time its role has gradually evolved from that of merely being fundraisers to being active participants in shaping the educational environment of our children.


The first Parents Association was elected on the basis of two representatives, one male and one female, from each of the primary school catchment areas and this is still the method used for election of the association. As new schools become feeder schools parents of our students in those areas are asked to nominate representatives to join the association. Because of using this method of selection we feel that all areas are represented and a link is formed with all corners of our catchment area. This, of course, means that there is not a fixed number on the P.A. The Principal and Deputy Principal sit in on all meetings of the P.A. and thus developments and all changes to rules and policies can be quickly communicated to parent representatives and allows them time to arrange meetings or whatever method of dissemination they think is appropriate. When parents cease to have children attending the school, they are replaced as soon as practically possible. This can lead, in some cases, to certain parents having an extended stay on the P.A. but it is felt that this continuity is good for stability and allows us to use to the best advantage the experience gained by the longer serving members.



The Parents Association works in close cooperation with the school management and board of management in a joint attempt to provide a top quality holistic education for our students.

We are involved in fundraising.

Our opinions are sought on changes to such things as school uniform and code of behaviour.

We regularly suggest or are consulted on provision of new/updated resources and/or facilities.



The Parents Association are involved in the following fundraising activities:

Christmas raffle

Sponsored walk

School Concert

Annual cookery demonstration

Bag packing

The above activities take place on an annual basis but for major projects additional fundraising may be embarked upon.



The Parents Association is proud that our school was selected to take part in the Promoting Partnership Project commissioned by the Dept. of Education & Science and delivered by the Marino Institute in 2004-2006. The 1998 Education Act stated the need to run our schools in a “spirit of partnership” and we were one of fifteen schools in the country to be selected. All stakeholders were represented in this project, staff (both teaching and ancillary), students, management, parents, board of management and VEC. We succeeded in providing an all weather playing area and a lunchtime activities area (which had later to be turned into a library because of lack of space). We were selected for the project because of our positive attitude and the partnership ethos is even stronger now than it was then. So successful was the project in Coola that we were featured as an exemplar of best practice in the booklet which followed.

Listed below are some of the projects that the Parents Association has been involved in fundraising for:

  • New desks in the DCG room
  • Provision of IT equipment in the school
  • Provision of a school library
  • Provision of an all-weather playing area
  • Provision of a canteen for students
  • Purchase of pre-fabs when Dept. were unable/unwilling to supply same
  • Provision of pre-fab and new piano for music room
  • Provision of funding to complete hard-court playing areas
  • Provision of containers for storage of practical subject materials

Providing funding for extra-curricular activities such as sporting activities, concerts etc

The above list is far from exhaustive.

Coola Post Primary School Parents Association Members

Teresa O Rourke Geevagh Chairperson
Michael Rooney Secretary
Rosaleen O’Connell Collooney Treasurer
Declan Feeney Sooey Treasurer
Michael Candon Cloghogue Vice Chairperson
Roisin McGlone Cloghogue
Marie Clancy Ballintogher
Owen Downes Ballintogher
Declan Boles Kilross/Ballygawley
Patricia Gorman Kilross/Ballygawley
Gerard Mullaney Kilmactranny
Brian Travers Dromahair
Mary McHugh Killenummery
Deirdre Costello Sooey
Damien Mc Goldrick Sooey
Finbar Mc Cormack Riverstown
Ruth Gibbons Riverstown
Deirdre Faughan Knockminna
Harry King Knockminna
Fabian White Collooney
Deirdre Doyle Collooney
Cathal Devaney Coolbock