Coola Post Primary School

We encourage our students to achieve their maximum individual potential in
an environment of fairness and mutual respect

Telephone: 071 – 9165365


Daily Timetable

Timetable 2014


School Uniform

Girls: Navy jumper incorporating school crest, white shirt, navy tie with green and gold stripe, navy trousers and black shoes.

Boys: Navy jumper incorporating school crest, blue shirt, navy tie with green and gold stripe, navy trousers a
Ours is a truly rural school, catering for all students. Except for those who live beside the school, all students spend tnd black shoes.
Plus a crested school jacket for all students.

heir entire school day within the school boundaries. There are no outside distractions. Being small in size, it is possible for our students to build personal

relationships with one another and with their teachers. This we see as extremely important. In conjunction with extra-curricular activities, it helps in the formation of a rounded, well-balanced personality that we hope is a hallmark of all our pupils.

Green Flag School

Our students pride themselves in keeping the school tidy and have been involved for a number of years with an ongoing litter awareness scheme. As an extension to this work, the students are actively promoting recycling as part of their green school campaign and are working towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable environment at Coola. Our school was awarded the Green Flags in 2004 & 2009.

Mentor System

Our mentoring programme allows our older students to provide valuable peer support to younger students and increases 1st years feelings of belonging and commitment to the school. As mentors, the older students are trained and supervised to offer support to individual 1st year students.

School Journal

Every student in the school must be in possession of a school journal. The journal is designed to:

  • Help organise homework on a daily basis.
  • Ensure constant communication between school and home.

Failure of students to comply with the study/homework demands of relevant teachers will be noted in the journal. It is important that parents examine the journal on a weekly basis to ensure that homework is being completed. The journal also contains the school`s code of discipline in the form of student rules and
classroom rules. A copy of the school rules must be signed by parents at the beginning of each school year.

Parents Association

Coola Post Primary has a very active Parents Association, which assists school management with the smooth running of the school.

Board of Management

There is also a Board of Management, which includes two parents of children attending the school, two full-time teachers and three members of the V.E.C.. The Principal acts as Secretary of the Board.

Examination Results

Examination results obtained by students in Coola are consistently higher than the national average of results published by the Department of Education & Science. Many past students of Coola are at present attending degree courses in Colleges and Universities all over Ireland such as NUI Galway, NUI Maynooth, University of Limerick, St. Patrick`s Primary Teacher Training College, Sligo IT, Waterford
IT, Dublin City University, and St. Angela`s College, Sligo.
Those of our past students who decide not to go to College are much sought after by employers as apprentices or by multinational companies such as MBNA due to the reputation established by Coola students down the years.

Parent – Teacher Meetings

Our school recognises the important role played by parents in their children`s education. All parent/teacher meetings are held from 4pm to 6.45pm to facilitate parents who have daily work commitments. Parents are encouraged to develop close links with the school. They are welcome to arrange visits to discuss their son`s/daughter`s progress or any matter relating to their welfare should the need arise. Progress reports other than Christmas and Summer (also Easter for State Exam students) are available on request.