Coola Post Primary School

We encourage our students to achieve their maximum individual potential in
an environment of fairness and mutual respect

Telephone: 071 – 9165365


The book loan scheme

Since last years budget the management at Coola have worked hard to maintain our book loan scheme. We appreciate the huge benefit of the scheme to the parents of our students. For exact details of the deposit and fee contact the principal.

After school study

Supervised after school study is currently provided four evenings per week.

Formal and informal meetings with parents

Student Council

A new Student Council is elected each year and they play an integral and important role in the school community.

Personal accident insurance cover for each student available through the school

Learning support service

We have a number of fully qualified learning support teachers. We place enormous emphasis on the way that we cater for special needs children and we offer an after school teaching service for some of these students.

Career guidance & Counselling

There is a full-time Career Guidance Counsellor in the school available to all students. Up to date information on career options and entry qualifications to third level colleges is available. Students are monitored, interviewed and advised as to the direction their career choices should take. Furthermore, senior students undertake visits to many third level institutions to see for themselves the facilities/courses on offer. We pay particular attention to helping students complete application forms for their preferred college courses or career paths.

Adult Education

The school has a full-time Adult Education Officer who oversees the implementation of various night classes in the school.