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Transition Year

The Transition Year Programme was established as recently as September 2008 following a consultation process involving teachers, students, parents and the wider community.  Transition Year acts as a bridge for students between the the dependant type of learning associated with Junior Cert to the more independent learning environment of the Leaving Cert.

Our TY Programme is not like any other in the country as it is designed and delivered by the teachers within the school.  The focus of our Transition Year is to encourage our students to develop the skills necessary to undertake self-directed learning in an environment which offers a wide-ranging subject base.

Even in the short time since the inception of TY at the school there have been many changes and improvements to the programme.  This year saw the introduction of Accounting, Spanish and German to the fluid curriculum that exists within the programme.

The Leisure & Recreation module also proves very popular with students with activities ranging from surfing to horse riding and from the Life Choice Programme to modern dance.

Overall, students have a very positive experience of Transition Year by allowing them to mature and develop without the pressure of State exams; while at the same time they acquire many skills which are invaluable in preparation for the Leaving Cert and life beyond.