Coola Post Primary School

We encourage our students to achieve their maximum individual potential in
an environment of fairness and mutual respect

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Junior Certificate

Pupils take a total of Twelve subjects for Junior Cert examination from the list below.

All students take English, Irish, Maths, Science, French, Geography, History & C.S.P.E..

They choose three subjects from the following group:-

Any three from: Materials Technology Metal, Technical Graphics, Music, Art. Materials Technology Wood, Business Studies, Home Economics.

Religious Education is optional.

Every assistance is given by our teachers to help students match their subject choice with their particular talents. On enrolment dates pupils will be asked to nominate their subject choices in order of preference. Every effort is made to give pupils their first choices but, in some cases, a child may get a second choice subject. Where more than twenty-four students request a position in a practical class, names will be drawn at random to fill that particular class.


Junior Cycle Subjects



* With the exception of this subject which has just a common level, all other subjects are offered at Higher Level, Ordinary Level or Foundation Level where applicable.
** Non-Exam